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Inhale and experience the aroma of our candles

Hand-crafted candles in nature-inspired scents that leave your place smelling Oh-So Wonderful

Rose Geranium

Woody Sweet, romantic and calming

Lavender Dream

Floral, relaxing and Chill

Eucalyptus Forest

Minty, refreshing and Crisp

Summer Lemon

Citrusy, invigorating and vibrant

Breathing Nature Summer Lemon

Handcrafted with soy wax and pure essential oil

Every Breathing Nature candle is made by hand with soy wax and pure essential oils.

Soy wax is one of the cleanest burning wax with no petroleum content unlike paraffin. This results in a chemical-free, smoke-free burning experience.

Pure essential oils are the essence of the plant. They have the most natural scents and offer the best benefits to your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Clean, Easy, most optimal scents

Full Cotton

To get the ideal flame size for the most optimal scent throws, our candle wicks are specially chosen for ideal size and material. The cotton wicks used are easy to light, burn consistently and cleanly.

infused with florals and crystals

Myriad of dried florals deck the surface of every Breathing Nature candle, elevating aesthetics and uniqueness.

Specially selected quartz and crystals added to various scents exude different positive energies.

Spoiled for choice, unsure which scent to choose? Fancy different scents for different occasions? We make it easy.
Get the heavily discounted Introductory Bundle.

We want you to have a candle that you truly love. The Introductory Bundle consists of all 4 Breathing Nature signatures – Lavender Dream, Eucalyptus Forest, Rose Geranium and Summer Lemon in smaller pocket sizes. 1 Bundle for all your needs. 

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